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OE wyrtig, adj: Garden-like, full of plants;
On anum wyrtige hamme, Homl. Skt. ii. 30:312




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Herbal Elixir and Fine Cologne
Chartreuse and 4711

Bottle of ChartreuseThe ascetic Carthusians, who continue today a tradition of solitary contemplation that began in France more than 900 years ago, are responsible for two of modern life's more pleasant luxuries, Chartreuse Liqueur and 4711 Cologne.

Chartreuse Liqueur was first made in the 18th century at Grande Chartreuse, the mother house of the Carthusian Order. It originated as a medicinal elixir, compounded from 130 different herbs and flowers. Today, three types of Chartreuse are sold -- a green, which gives the color chartreuse its name; a yellow; and a third whose color falls somewhere in between.

4711 cologne

About a century before Chartreuse appeared, another member of the Carthusian order concocted the world's oldest commercially produced fragrance, 4711 Cologne. This monk was given shelter by the Mulhouse family in Cologne, and in gratitude presented them with the recipe for this scent as a wedding gift. When the family decided to market it, they gave it the name "4711," the street number of their home. 

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