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OE wyrtig, adj: Garden-like, full of plants;
On anum wyrtige hamme, Homl. Skt. ii. 30:312




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   A Prayer to Heal A Pox

         Caused by Water Elves






From Trinity College, Cambridge Eadwine
, f. 66r; c. 1100 CE


Gif mon biž on węter ęlfadle žonne beož him ža handnęglas wonne 7 ža eagan tearige 7 wile locian nižer .


Do him žis to lęcedome .

eoforžrote . cassuc . fone niožoweard .

eowberge . elehtre . eolone . merscmealwan crop . fen minte . dile . lilie . attorlaže . polleie . marubie . docce . ellen . fel terre . wermod . streawbergean leaf . consolde .


ofgeot mid ealaž . do hęligwęter to

sing žis gealdor ofer žriwa .

Ic benne awrat   betest beado wręda
swa benne

ne burnon        ne burston

ne fundian       ne feologan .

ne hoppettan   ne wund wacosian .

ne dolh diopian .

ac him self healde   hale węge .

ne ace že žon ma

že eoržan on eare ace .

Sing žis manegum sižum .

 Eorže že onbere    eallum hire

 mihtum 7 męgenum .


žas galdor mon męg singan on wunde .



If a man has the water elf pox then are his fingernails dark  & his eyes teary and will look downwards .


Give him this as treatment .

Carline thistle . reed . iris root .

yew berry . lupin. elecampane . marshmallow tops .

spearmint .dill . lily . fumitory . pennyroyal . horehound . dock . elder . centaury . wormwood . strawberry leaves . comfrey .

Soak with ale . add holy water

sing this prayer three times .


I have wrapped round    best warrior band

so the wound

neither burn    nor burst

nor strive    nor fester .

nor throb   nor wound weep .

nor scar deepen .

but himself hold   healthy way .

nor hurt you more than

earth an ear of grain hurts .


Sing also this many times .

   Earth destroy that    with all her

   might & main .


This prayer one may sing over a wound.


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